Auto Chess Candy Questions

How many Candy is needed to buy a courier?
40 Candy

How to buy courier in Dota Auto Chess?
Get inside the game and click the Courier Warehouse found on the upper left.

Stuck in authorizing payment in buying Auto Chess Candy?
We recommend verifying your Paypal account to fix this issue.

How long does it take for the Auto Chess Candy to be delivered?
Instant - unless your Paypal has a problem. Email us with your Name and Order Number if this happens.

Just bought candy. Where is it?
Check your inbox / spam folder. If you have a different Paypal email, check that one as well. Still don't see it? Send us your Name and Order Number to - We reply within 24 hours.

How do I activate the Dota Auto Chess Candy Codes?

How do I earn Auto Chess Candy for free?
Be in the Top 3. There's a 10 Candy limit per 24 hours

How is the Number of Candy reward determined?
Random number of pieces for the Top 3 finishers from 1 Candy to 5 Candy.

I got less candy than the 2nd placer and 3rd placer. Why?
See the answer to the previous question.

When is the Candy limit reset?
Midnight +8 GMT China Standard Time

My couriers disappeared and I cannot select them - how do I fix this error?

I'm a streamer. How can I get Auto Chess Candy for giveaways?
If you have over 9000 followers on any of these streaming platforms: Twitch / Youtube / Douyu / Afreeca / Facebook and stream Dota Auto Chess at least 1 hour per week - you can email us for promo code